The MS1224 is a 12 channel, 1 into 4 Unity Gain Active Microphone Splitter    designed for applications where multiple feeds are required from one set of    microphones without the signal degradation experienced with passive    splitting solutions. The Unity Gain design principle combined with    excellent line driving ability ensures that unity levels are delivered at    the end of each feed, even over considerable distance, thereby saving time    in recalibrating levels.      Each of the MS1224's channels has four independently buffered, transformer    balanced outputs and a fifth dedicated parallel Link output. The Link    output may be used to provide a direct, non active feed, for instance to    the FOH console, or it can be used to daisy chain adjacent channels to    provide more output feeds from a single microphone, for instance for Press    Box applications. The inputs are electronically balanced with a Pad switch    for connection of line level signals. Switchable Phantom Power is provided    with a Phantom Presence LED.      The MS1224 incorporates a channel monitoring circuit, which is accessed on    the PSU unit. Each channel has a Listen button that connects it momentarily    both to an LED bargraph and headphone socket on the PSU front panel. The    headphone monitor circuit incorporates a dynamics enhancement and    protection system. This controls the dynamics of the signal in a way that    amplifies very low background levels whilst limiting high signal levels.    This enables monitoring of microphone function during set up without the    need of a vocalist being present on the mic. It also provides user    protection against sudden loud signals.      A unique design feature of the MS1224 is the option to configure the way    that Input and Output connectors are presented on the front and rear of the    unit. As each customer has their own views on this we have given the    flexibility of presenting the Input and two Outputs on the front and three    Outputs on the rear, or vice-versa. In addition the Output designated as    Link can be positioned either below the Input connector, or the top    connector of the group of three Outputs. Thereby giving four possible    permutations. The required configuration can simply be reconfigured at a    later stage.
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