4 Channel 1:4 Active Mic Splitter
The MS424 is a 4 channel 1 into 4 Unity Gain Active Microphone Splitter in    a compact 1U self powered case. The MS424 is designed for applications    where multiple feeds are required from one set of microphones without the    signal degradation experienced with most passive splitting solutions. The    Unity Gain design philosophy allows simple integration into existing    systems without the need for lengthy recalibration.      Each of the MS424 channels has an electronically balanced input, which may    be transformer balanced as an option, and four independently transformer    buffered floating outputs on XLR connectors. Output one of each channel may    be linked directly to the input via a rear panel switch. The unit may also    be configured, by way of internal links, to feed 8, 12 or 16 outputs from    any one input, allowing the MS424 to be used for press box applications.      The front panel of the MS424 gives access to outputs 3 and 4 as well as    phantom power switching with phantom presence LED, and Pad switching for    line level signals. The inputs and outputs 1&2 are grouped on the rear    panel together with the output 1 Link switches.      The MS424's internal power supply makes it ideally suited to smaller    installations where it becomes highly cost effective when compared to    externally powered alternatives.
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